BY PROF Mahamud Siyad Togane

When I am in trouble, Lord, walk with me.

—A Negro spiritual


Early in the morning

Just after the false dawn

Just after I pray my daily Dawn Prayer

Just when one can tell

A white cat from a black cat


A white thread from a black thread

Just before I break the fast

I trot out all my troubles

On leashes

And take them out for a walk

Like dogs.


When they do their doo-doo

on the neighbors’ lawns

As dogs would do

I stoop

I scoop

I dump their doo-doo

Into the manhole of the city

Into the sewage system of the Montreal city.


As I walk with Allah

As I talk with Allah

Who is closer to me than my life jugular vein

I sing my morning song of Gratitude and Praise

Which I owe Him

I also sing aloud of His Might and Majesty


I also sing aloud of His Mercy in the morning.


When I return

>From my walk with God
>From my talk with God

The troubles follow me


Right back into the house

As loyal dogs would do

And collapse down on the carpet

Into a canine heap of panting thirsty slobbery hungry hanging-out tongues

Since they are now all too pooped out

To protest

To bark

To bite

Like Ina Yay does

When Meles makes him to

Since they all know now I won’t brook any barking back-talk

Since they are all now amenable to persuasion

Since they all know now

that I won’t take any lip from any of them

Since they are now ready and ripe for the picking

I bring out my Great Big Bertha of a gun

I pick them out

One by one

And put down all of my black dogs out of their misery



Black dog: That is the name Winston Churchill gave to his own haunting depression.

Gratitude and Praise which I owe Him: “I Owe the Lord a Morning Song of gratitude and praise” is a favorite hymn of mine written by one called Amos Herr (1890)

Ina Yay: The puppet of Meles; The moniker of Abdullahi Yusuf who is now the President of Somalia.

Life jugular vein: The Holy Koran says and I cite: “We created man and We [even] know the promptings of his mind. We are closer to him than his life vein. (50:16) And We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.”

“We created man, and we know what his soul whispers within him; and we are nearer unto him than his jugular vein. (The Holy Quran, [50:16])

"It was We who created man, and We know that dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein." (The Holy Quran, [50:16])

Meles: The puppeteer of the puppet Ina Yay; Ato Meles Zenawi is the current tyrant of Ethiopia whose dream is to always obfuscate, to always frustrate the hope and the dream of every Somali of re-establishing the Somali nation-state.

Mercy in the morning: See Ps 59: 16.

Might and Majesty: “There is no Majesty and there is no Might save in Allah!” is a common Moslem prayer.