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Thank you, Mr. Speaker!

By Khalid Ali Abdoow (kuuloow@hotmail.com)

Sherriff Hassan did it again. He got another accord, unparalleled in Somalia?s recent
history. For the moment he saved us from a second civil war. He saved us from a
far-reaching Ethiopian invasion. We were almost on the verge of disaster. And then the
speaker, as he is known to think out of the box, did the wisest move. It is his
signature. He takes the higher grounds all the time and leads the way to peace and
compromise. So far, those with the titles like Sharif, Sheikh have shown to deserve such
praiseworthy designations. Some are better than the other. The Sheikhs and Sharifs of
Somalia are much better than the warlords and the their many handpicked underlings.

Sharif Hassan, the speaker of the Somali parliament is such honorable politicians.

We just evidenced Sherriff Hassan?s meditative industriousness when he and a delegation
of proactive parliamentarians landed at the Mogadishu airport to hold peace talks with
the leaders of the powerful Islamic Courts. Sherriff Hassan single-handedly took the
boldest step to put off an all-out war between the Islamic Courts and the Ethiopian
backed Transitional Federal Government

He persuaded the powerful Islamic Courts of Mogadishu to agree to continue the Khartoum
peace talks with the warlord government holed in Baydhabo, despite its illegitimacy in
the eyes of the Somali people and despite its limitation and ineptitude.

His trip to Mogadishu was the only means to make sure that the talks continue. The Union
of Islamic Courts honored and rewarded the speaker for his bold move.

There is an inspirational hope gathering force among Somalia?s peace-loving masses
everywhere. It is a hope that has inspired many an admiring conversation: What if Sheriff
Hassan, the speaker of the transitional federal parliament, was the Somali president
instead of Yusuf, the warlord? Or better what if he was the head of the executive office,
the prime minister instead of Geedi, the opportunist?

Many, citing his peaceful nature, diplomatic language and farsighted principles, wish
that was the case. People excitedly compliment and honor the speaker of the Somali
parliament for his dedication to patch up things in dangerous times when the chances of
success are so out of the question..

He did this so many times and history has already documented his bold initiatives of
peace and dialogue. Many times the speaker of the parliament spoke so wisely the need to
engage in dialogue and reconcile differences. Never has he ever spoken ill of any Somali
faction. The likes of him are rarity in Somali leadership.

Sheriff Hassan deserves congratulations because of his deep-seated conviction in the
principle of dialogue and reconciliation. He believes Somali people to decide their own

Somalis are certainly thankful to Sheriff Hassan. He is following the footsteps of great
Somali heroes.

Somalis at home and in the Diaspora would never forget the speaker?s forceful trip to
Mogadishu against the negative responses from the criminal enterprise in Baydhabo. It is
kind surprising to see some cheerleaders of many warlords so shamefully malign and drag
the speaker in the mud.
His trip signals the end of a war in the shadows of despair. It shows the world that
Somalis have the initiatives to solve their differences.

Somalis everywhere, especially over the two million Mogadishu residents cannot afford to
have the hard earned nascent peace and progress to be over turned. Just as the warlord
rudiments of stagnation or retrogression are bent on painting a bleak picture of
Mogadishu?s destiny, so must we be determined to guard the upturn of peace that have come
at the end of unbelievable sacrifices. We owe it, first and foremost, to the speaker, to
our Muslim leaders and to those innocent Somalis who died and suffered in two decades of
chaos and violence. Again we owe it to the outpour of support towards the speaker and to
the courts. Finally, but not least, we owe it to ourselves and to future generations.


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