Some time, Somalia!

Some time, proud to be Somalian

Some time, ashamed to be from Somalia

Some years, satisfy

Some months, struggle

Some days, survive

Some hours, wonder

Some minutes, weep

Some seconds, just pure anger!

Some time, square one!

Some decades, passed

Still Somalia

Some time, it moves forward

Some time, it moves backward

Some time, stays the same.

Some time, square one!

Sad to see Somalia's situation

Solace for Somali people

Salute SYL folks

Salute Somalia independent struggle

Salute President Aden Abdule Osman

Salute Runner Abdi Bile Abdi

Salute individuals who truly represent Somalia

Some time, square one!

Supplicate to stop the fight

Say, no tribalism

Suggest peace

Support one another

Separate Somalia's interest and one's own interest

Some time, square one!

Success needs time

Start right now,

Time for change

Time for self-evaluation

Time to put Somalia back into Global map

Time to heal

Time to sit down under the tree

Together, we can achieve success!!

Separately, back to square one!!

Some time, success

Some time, square one

Some time, Somalia!

Happy 45th Anniversary Somalia!

Remember, Revive and Represent Somalia

By Muhiadin M Ahmed "Abaas" lives in Ottawa, Canada ( )