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Washington DC,(AFP)8th January 2002

One place the United States need not look for Osama Bin Laden is Somalia, its Prime Minister Hassan Abshir Farah said in an interview released last sunday. " I can assure you of one thing. Bin Laden can't come to Somalia and get safe haven", Farah Said in the January 14 edition of Newsweek International .

As US intelligence turns up ever more places Bin Laden is not, Strategists say lawless Somalia might be a hideout , but Farah does'nt think so . " There are no secrets in Somalia", said Farah .

For the $25 million US reward, Somalis would sell out Bin Laden right away . However,UN officials debate whether Somalia may be home to cells of Bin Laden Al-Qaeda network .

The Bush administration has withheld its support for Farah's transitional Government because its potential members have links to international terrorism. " Give me the names.

Why don't they give us the names ? I hav'nt formed my government yet, but I would never include people suspected of extremism",said Farah .

In response to speculation that US forces could be sent to Somalia to root out alleged terrorists there , Farh does not welcome the U.S. war machine.

" But if they come to help us, we will welcome them", said Farah . " We need the U.S. to assist us, not to strike us".

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