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Press Release against lifting the arms embargo (Resolution 733 of 1992) on Somalia
November 28, 2006

We, the members of the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice (SIPJ), representing diverse Somali Diaspora groups, are alarmed and distressed that Somalia is drifting back into another round of brutal and bloody regional war due to the negative external interferences into Somali affairs.
We, at the SIPJ, are alarmed and distressed by the fact that the United States of America, a beacon of hope and democracy in the entire world and a generous nation who provided safe haven to thousands of Somali refugees who fled from the brutal civil war that engulfed their country, is vigorously proposing a draft resolution to ease the United Nations arms embargo (Resolution 733 of 1992) on Somalia and to facilitate the deployment of foreign peacekeeping forces in Somalia.

We, at the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice, call on the Security Council to reject this controversial and counter-productive U.S. proposal. We, at SIPJ, appeal to the United Nations and the members of the International Community to prevent the illegal violations of the arms embargo.
We, at the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice, are strongly convinced that the lifting of arms embargo would only drag Somalia further into vicious cycle of violence and human suffering. If the world cares about Somalia and wants peace and stability in the region, the lifting of arms embargo should not be allowed at any cost. The Security Council must respect the growing demands, wishes and cries of the majority of Somali people. As was the case when the unfortunate civil war started, it would be another tragic oversight for the international community, the United States of America and particularly the United Nation to remain less engaged until Somalia disintegrates into more bloodshed and totally unrecoverable state of further failure.

As representatives of peace-loving and concerned American and Somali citizens, we, at the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice (SIPJ), warn that if the United Nations allows the proposed U.S. draft of lifting arms embargo (Resolution 733 of 1992) on Somalia, such a sanction and endorsement will lead to a wider regional war and instability. To lift the arms embargo at this time would make the United Nations a willing accomplice to the continuation of violence and bloodshed in Somalia. Permitting rival Somali factions to purchase more arms and weaponry would prolong the perpetual path of death and destruction in Somalia.

We, at the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice, urge the United States of America, our adopted home-country, to heed to the cautious recommendations of the International Crisis Group and other governmental organizations about the consequences of their proposal. The United States of America must work together with the United Nations, the European Union to facilitate a process for peace and reconstruction for the war-torn country of Somalia.

We, at the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice (SIPJ), congratulate the European Union for its efforts in cautioning against the arms embargo lifting and its genuine effort to prevent death and destruction in Somalia.

We expect that the United States of America to follow the European?s careful example and pursue a very realistic strategy that will not escalate the already volatile situation on the ground. The Union of Islamic Courts accomplished miracles to pacify and stabilize much of southern Somalia. Such an accomplishment must be congratulated and not be disturbed. Alienating and antagonizing the Union of Islamic Courts is a futile and shortsighted strategy. The United States of America must work on a constructive strategy to reach to the leadership of the Union of Islamic Courts. The United States of America must take a leadership role in the search for genuine and lasting peace in Somalia.

As the painful experiences from the civil war that continued for the last sixteen years had proved that there can be no military solution to Somalia?s problems. We, at the SIPJ, encourage all peaceful and just attempts aimed at ending the state of senseless wars and unproductive confrontations in Somalia. We believe that Somali people themselves would draw upon their experiences in finding a peaceful end to Somali civil war. Somali people, if left alone can establish the appropriate strategies aimed at ending the prolonged breakdown of law and order in the country.

For Immediate Press Release
November 28, 2006
Signed and approved by the Core Advisory Board of SIPJ
Abdulkadir Shaair Ato
Mohamed Aden Tiiceey
Nuur Farah
Mohamed Hassan Gudbaaye
Warsame Ali Warsame
Hussein Warsame
Abdulrahman Jaahweyn
Abdulkadir Jama
Ismail Gorse
Farhan Hussein
Salah Warsame
Gandi Abdi Kadiye
Dr. Abdulkadir Dahir
Mohamud Abdulle
Afrah Abdullahi
Sh. Hassan Mohamud, J.D.
Hassan Mohamud (Jaamici), J. D.
President of Somali Institute for Peace and Justice
Minneapolis, MN


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