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Editorial: Simple Solution: No to Ethiopians, Yes to AU troops
The events that happened during the last couple of days are showing which way is the equation of Somalia's stability would go. And that is if Col. Abdullahi Yusuf and his advisers can read the line.

It happened to me that while I was writing this piece that the US Ambassador to Kenya Mr. William Bellamy, was quoted as saying "Our view is that the transitional government has, potentially, the means to secure its own country,". Though Ambassador Bellamy was careful to say the United States did not oppose the AU plan yet he make it clear that "There is a risk they could be a magnet for instability" .

Furthermore, in his last Talking Point DISARMEMENT IN STYLE Mr. M. M. Afrah supported voluntarily countrywide disarmament in style but with conditions of course. Unlike Ambassador Bellamy, M. M. Afrah witnessed first hand the carnage between UN troops and Somalia Militia, and very much opposed deployment of Ethiopian or Somali-Ethiopian troops that are currently in training camps, according to intelligence reports.

Both these two experts and the International Crisis Group findings with other intellectuals make it clear that Ethiopian involvement in Somalia is like adding gas to a fire that is already burning wildly. I also wonder why the Ethiopians are very keen to send their soldiers in Somalia where there is more harm in their presence than good?. Why don't they let the AU troops do the initial security work so that President Abdullahi Yusuf and his Prime Minister Ali M. Gheddi will start nation rebuilding and reconciliation, which is what they were elected for in the first place.

It is clear that neither President Yusuf nor Ethiopians want fresh start for Somalia crisis rather have another hidden agendas, which will devastate the whole of East Africa.

As Mr. Afrah pointed out the President, the Prime Minister and parliamentarians must read the mood of the people before taking any step that might cause another bloodshed and anarchy.

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