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THE GANG RAPE OF A NATION. Mr. Afrah is a skillful writer and innovative storyteller. CLICK HERE FOR THE REVIEWS AND HOW TO ORDER THE BOOK.

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Hiiraan Online Responds !


Dear Banadir webmasters
Tuesday,8th October 2002

It is regrettable to have reprinted an article that appeared on your website without getting permission from the owner of the article .

Issues related to copyright, intellectual property rights, and public access to information in the digital age are at the forefront and paramount to HOL. A fair reporting without violating these intellectual property rights are one of our core value and we enforce them as they come to our attention as in this case.

We do not post articles from any contributor whom we find is intentionally or unintentionally infringing third party intellectual property rights (such as copyright, trademark, and right of publicity).

We try to conduct our business in a manner that limits the instances where an intellectual property rights are violated. However, because of the digital age and the use of emails and automated services, we cannot assure that the opinions posted on HOL may not, from time to time, infringe such rights.

Accordingly, we encourage intellectual property rights owners to contact us if they believe that their rights have been infringed, and in your case we thank you for contacting us on this matter and this issue will be investigated by our editorial Board and intellectual property rights Agent.

In fact Mr Mohamed Dahir has plagiarized word for word the work of a reputable Somali journalist Mr.M.M.AFRAH , and HOL sincerely appologizes to and Mr Afrah for the mistake on our part.

We also thank for their professionalism in bringing this matter to our attention

Hiiraan webmaster

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