Response to Ibrahim Sheikh-nor?s article on BBC

Somalis have already said lot of negative and positive comments about the BBC and its
controversial Chief Editor Yusuf Garad, hence I believe that the last thing we required
on this occasion was to buy the service of foreigner, particularly Dutch, whom we know
the limit of their knowledge to Somalia and its people except, probably, Ayan Hersi and
sorry let me add Yusuf Garad who appears to have now joined to those supported by the
people of this remote nation.

The new Van Gogh of Yusuf Garad Mr. Adrian Baldwin, is not worth to be responded to
publicly at least, because he is not in position to see the big picture of Somalia and
his point of views are in fact based on one version of the Somali story (it is
justifiable why). But let me remind my compatriot Mr. Sheikh-nor, who attempted to defend
and praise the man who destroyed the hardly built reputation and longstanding confidence
of the Somalis in this antique station within very short period of time ?it is always
easier to destroy than to build? precisely as warmongers destroyed our beloved capital
city ?Xamar Cadde? which our forefathers built with their patient and patriotism despite
colonialism and clan divisions.

To ?cut and paste? what you said in you writing you said ?Success is measured by numbers.
Somali Service of the BBC enjoys the highest rating in its history. More than ever, the
Service is now available on FM short waves with crystal clear sound throughout major
cities in Somalia and East Africa.

But you forget that it is satellite era now where the TV stations, mobile phones and
internet services are available in every corner of the doomed Somalia, let alone the
other parts of the world, hence setting up (Frequency Modulation FM) (not short waves as
you said, SW is different) is not considered big achievement specially to giant media
service like BBC.

Again you appreciated the Van Gogh of Yusuf Garad?s question and said ?Why is it that
Puntland?s websites, most notably Allpuntland, Allsomali, Puntlandpost, the tabloid-like
Idamaale and the born-again puntlander of Wardheernews are spearheading the efforts to
unseat Mr. Garad? Why not others such as the classic Hiiraan Online? Well, ?seeing is
believing? as they say

To answer that question ?In the media terms the neutrality is measured through who
supports you and who dislikes you and if you are disliked by certain distinct people and
appreciated by others it is very clear that your biased. Al-Jazeera Chief Editor Mr.
Wattah Ghanfar once said defending the impartiality of his station ?Arabs say we are
established by Israeli?s Mossad, while Israel and US call us the mouthpiece of Alqaeda
and Osama Binladen? this shows that we are owned by ?no one? but the truth. Now that
Yusuf Garad?s poorly produced jargon phrased programs are welcomed and enjoyed by
Secessionist Hargaisa, Hornafrik, Hobyo-online, Dayniile, and Ayaamaha website while
disliked by Allpuntland, Midnimo, Jowharonline, Wardheer etc. bearing in mind the
ideology of the two groups it is good reason to believe that Mr. Garad is prejudiced.

In the conclusion let me put forward one reasonable question ?BBC Somali section existed
more than half century and ever since Somalis used to criticize it as station(team),
whilst it Chief Editor has never been targeted separately, why now Yusuf Garad alone is
subject to all disapprovals and not the station and its manning team as whole?.

Abdul Rahman Hariri
Saudi Arabia