Somalia: Reality Check! by Muhiadin M Ahmed "Abaas"
How long does a Somalia have to wait a functional government?

That's the question facing us after fourteen years of No government. To get some answers to this question, we need to turn to the Somalia's really checklist. In my view, here are the top Somalis' contemporary really checklist without order.

· Barre government overthrown by Gangs
Arta Government an accurate reflection of Manifesto's failure
This new government a formal protest against TNG.

· Siad Barre died in exile
Aidid died from a bullet wound
Ali Mahdi powerless now,
Where is Abdirahman Tuur?
Abdi Qasim Salad gone
Abdulahi Yusuf outdated.

· Siad Barre left unprotected weapons

· Civil War goes deep, too deep
Fighting among tribes, clans, sub-clans, and family.

· How many innocent lives lost?
Weapons, shot guns, artillery, bazooka, AK, M16, you name it.

· Somalia breaks down to
Zones and
Green line.

· Political alliance? Baseless
No government means No law and order!!
Environment is harmed by man-made disaster: Air, Water and Land.

· No educational system
Commerce is booming
Thirteen peace conferences, all FAILED!
This one is fading away slowly

· Peace conference is a legitimate business
Two years of peace conference?? World Record!

· The whole world gave up Somalia except the IGAD.
The last chance!

· No Somalia passport.
Countless MONEY spent! Peace conferences, UNOSOM, etc.

· Contemporary African dark history
Sudan almost Genocide
SOMALIA people. One race, one religion, one language, one culture; killing each other!!

· Almost half of Somalia population dead or in oversees. Estimation.
Mogadishu, the capital, became a disaster town.

· Warlords
The cancers of Somalia Nation!

· Siad Barre government destroyed the Northern Region
The people of North immigrated to Mogadishu
Southerners responded Xabado Keento (You ran away from the bullets)
Northerners replied Xabado Sugto (You are waiting for the bullets).
True prediction: fourteen years of hell in the Southern Region.

· What kind of government style existed?
Manifesto (The clan elders)
Civil Society (TNG)
And Finally, Warlords government!
Seen it all now!
Somalis NOT satisfied it yet.
What is next? Few options left.

Martin Luther King's words sums up the whole Somalia fiasco.
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

And, last but not least,
Shame to be Somali Citizen!

Remember, Revive and Represent Somalia
Muhiadin M Ahmed "Abaas" lives in Ottawa, Canada