May 12, 2005
The President of the Transitional Federal Government
of Somalia called an extra ordinary Parliamentary
Session that was held on May 11 2005, at Kenyatta
International Conference Center, Nairobi Kenya. The
First Deputy Speaker, Prof. Mohamed Omar Dalha,
chaired the session attended by 152 members of
After the opening speech at 3.30pm, Prime Minister Ali
Mohamed Gedi tabled before the Parliament the cabinet
approval of previous bills namely:

1. Cabinet resolution of May 9, 2005 approving the
deployment of African Union and Leagues of Arab States
peace support mission.

2. Cabinet resolution of March 21, 2005 regarding the
Government relocation.

The Parliament started debating Bill No.1 and
thereafter, the Deputy Speaker requested that the
raise of hands take a vote. The vote count registered
145 majorities in support for deployment of troops.

1. The phase one deployment of troops will consist of
Ugandan and Sudanese.
2. The other remaining forces of IGAD states will
provide logistics, equipments, emergency assistance
and training of the Somali Police and Military.
3. The second phase will consist of IGAD counters
including those nations that not participated in phase

4. The Sudanese and Ugandan support forces will be
deployed in Mogadishu first and spread later to other
cities and regions in the country.
5. The Parliament also approved the deployment of
League of Arab States and African Union peace support

The Parliament went into debating the second Bill of
the relocation of the Government to Somalia. After the
debate was over a vote of 141 majorities were
registered in favor of relocation.

1. The Parliament approved that the Government will
relocate to Jowhar and Baydhabo until the situation in
Mogadishu is pacified.
2. It was also approved that a Government liaison
office will be opened in Mogadishu.

Deputy Minister of Information
Hon. Salad Ali Jeele