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April 14, 2002
Published By:

Dr. Abdi Ulusso, Envoy to USA , Canada and UN and spokesperson for USC/SSA in North America

TORONTO- Dr. Abdi Ulusso, Envoy to USA , Canada and UN and spokesperson for USC/SSA in North America , today announced Muddullood’s position of upcoming peace conference in Nairobi to reach a common goal to move forward to end   the Somali conflict. 


The meeting which is scheduled sometime in late April or later, in my opinion it is too early to hastily form a government in Somalia and without realistic discussions of the many issues facing Somalia. As the spokesperson for USC/SSA, we must make sure that every effort is made to find a solution to do the following problems as a precondition, before any government is hastily formed but not limiting the efforts to these alone. These are”, said Dr. Ulusso.


·        The City of Mogadishu (problems associated with the Capital of Somalia).

·        The Administrative Regions & Districts created by the former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre.

·        The Breakaway Regions in the North ' Somaliland '.

·        The problems of Upper Juba (Kismayo) which became a battle ground for foreign invaders.

·        The Arte group 'TNG' and its links to international terrorist organizations.

·        The External Forces Factor blocking any solution to the Somali problem.


“To embark upon political process in order to put in place a political structure at this time would be contra productive. More to the point any dialogue in Somalia, even though the target should be the formation of a broad-based national unity government, should start at intra-clan level to address controversial issues, encouraging inter-clan dialogue and harmony; and in turn make a smooth progress to address the issues of resource along the clan partition”, Dr. Ulusso.


“The current proposal to setup a broad based government in the South and only then Somaliland and “the former Italian territory of Somalia” should have discussions about their future relationship is also unacceptable, because it will further complicate any option for a negotiated dialogue to resolve all conflicts in other regions of the country; denying factors entering into the equation which will have a positive effect in the quest for a just and durable peace”, said Dr. Ulusso. 

“The Arte meeting was not complete because major factional leaders and autonomous regions of Puntland and Somaliland didn’t participate. Therefore, this time there shouldn’t be any pretenses for them not attend the upcoming meeting in Nairobi or any other conference, to address any concerns they might have and bring all their concerns to the negotiating table and we should avoid any quick relaxation of the rules designed to hastily form a government, such as the Arte has been”, Dr. Ulusso.


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