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By Omar Sharif

All the Puntlanders should realize the fact that without peace no continuity of normal life will exist and communal progress can not be achieved. Keeping in mind on this, it is appropriate that the peace mission envisioned by a well to do individuals of Puntlanders, is right in principle and it is propitious moment for the puntlanders to search a peace as the fear of deeping split is great. It is indeed a high time for peace and every one should support it, for the sake of the future and reviving the prospect of rekindling the hope that Puntland had before the political split and the peace it enjoyed. Peace is the first in human life and without it nothing, nothing can be achieved.

It is a Godly prescribed just that every human being should live in peace and without fear and therefore, it is a right for the all the citizens in Puntland to get the peace they deserve and they want and its their right in absolute terms.

We can all get reasons and rhymes of supporting and rallying behind one leader or the other and at the same flay his opponents and depict as the worst evil. But, that is not the solution and will only exacerbate the existing phenomena of factionalism which is unwarranted and will doom our people.

And therefore, isn't it wise to promote the peace mission in the process which is being started by individual Puntlanders, even though sponsored by Diakonia which is Swedish NGO, actively working the Puntland regions.

This peace mission is probably the first of its kind in which intellectuals are raising the torch for peace. Their first trip of visiting all the Puntland districts was warmly received and welcomed by all the communities and the existing leaders of both traditional and political spectre. This peace mission encourages a reaproachment among the communites, unites the traditional leaders or Isimada in their effort of peace searching and decision makings and engages them to play a better role in the peace building process in their unity.

But, the bussiness community should realize their business interests are not vested in factionalism, but rather in more stable society and a bigger market as factionalism marginalizes their market potential in territory wise and population. Thereofre, this mission intends to the business communty be educated in abstaining and supporting factionalism and they are required to promote the peace plan.

The civil society and the NGO groups are also important groups whom the mission engages to their play a pivotal role in this peace bridging plan by actively involving themselves and promoting the peace. They can not be left out as they have a direct relationship to the communities and have tremendous influence in every level of the society. They should engage them self and play their role in positive sense.

But the most difficult group and who are badly needed in joining the peace wagon are the Diaspora Puntlanders who are mainly ill informed into realities on the ground and are always out spoken negatively. They unnecessarily perpetuate the factionalism in their unfettered campaigns of supporting one leader or the other. You folks this is not what Puntland needs today. Today Puntland needs to hear only unifying words and support for peace and you should mature to avoiding in promoting any thing that divides our people. So, support the peace and join the peace wagon and no more propaganda for any one leader.

I think in combining all these efforts and realizing what is at stake the envisioned peace is reachable and our group who started this process will succeed. Let us hope and pray that the beacon of hope that was shining once in the Puntland to be rekindled once again and our people to enjoy peace and tranquility first and foremost and progress to better future.

Let us look our neighbor the Somaliland and how they are living in peace and progressing towards better future. We should strive to abreast them, so we are not left in a never ending saga of chaos. Let us unite our efforts and support this noble mission and God willingly we can. God bless you all.

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