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Somalia: Prime minister in talks with Mogadishu faction leader

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Dec 5, 2001

The prime minister of the Transitional Government of Somalia, Dr Hasan Abshir Farah, and the Somali National Alliance/United Somali Congress [USC-SNA] chairman Usman Hasan Ali Ato, today held a meeting at the HQ of these factions [in Mogadishu] to discuss a proposal on ways of forging closer ties.

The prime minister, who delivered a short speech at the meeting, said one year had elapsed [words indistinct] the new administration, and said real efforts needed to be made. He said [words indistinct] and pointed out that he would not hastily engage in [words indistinct] until a reconciliation conference was held.

The USC-SNA chairman Usman Hasan Ali Ato who also gave a speech said he was happy with the meeting.

Somalia: "Huge" demonstration in Garoowe against Puntland's deposed leader

A huge demonstration in which religious scholars, clan elders, women and youths took part, was yesterday staged in Garoowe town, Puntland.

The demonstrators shouted, among other demands, "Abdullahi Yusuf should leave Garoowe town, and go back to Gaalkacyo. [central Somalia].

Meanwhile, reports from Boosaaso [Puntland's commercial port town] say that reinforcement troops arrived there yesterday and were immediately stationed at the town's airport.

The new Puntland regional president, Jama Ali Jama, held extensive talks with clan elders and intellectuals from the region at his temporary administrative HQ on how to strengthen security.

Sudan: Regional body to meet over Somalia next year

The envoy of the president of the republic for Somalia, Ali Abd al-Rahman Al-Numayri, said that there are coordination and consultation with all the countries neighbouring Somalia and IGAD [Inter-Governmental Authority on Development] states, concerning security and peace in Somalia.

He said in a statement to Suna [Sudanese news agency] that preparations began for holding the IGAD Summit in Khartoum in next January. It is to be recalled that the proposed conference for reconciliation in Somalia will be attended by all the IGAD states and partners along with other circles concerned with the Somali affairs and voluntary and governmental organizations.

Somalia: Ex-prime minister formally hands over power to his successor

The new prime minister of the transitional government, Hasan Abshir Farah, is today expected to take over responsibility from the former prime minister, Dr Ali Khalif Galayr.

Here is Aweys Muhammad Nur Fodey with the details: [Fodey] The handing-over ceremony, to take place at Hotel Ramadan, will be attended by government officials. This is the first time such a function - a democratic handing over of power between two government, one elected and one losing a parliamentary vote of no confidence - is taking place in Mogadishu.


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