Mr Laqanyo's political limbo fuels hatred and armed tribal militias re-emergence in Hiiraanland

Abdikarim Hussein Farah (Laqanyo) is one of my old friends whom I lost in touch with lately. I was his university mentor at South Bank University in London years ago and gave him few tips and guidance of how best to conduct himself in public as well as leading by example. But His current mentors Abdullahi Yusuf and Mohamed Dhere are teaching him different ball-game and he is learning very fast. Mr Laqanyo has invented recently an administration called Midland Administration in the Hiiraan Region of Somalia, which was encouraged by Abdullahi Yusuf and Mohamed Dheere and then he has been approved by his mentor and the tyrant regime Mr Melis in Addis Abba. There are reports, that he received a delivery of light weapons from Addis Abba in March This year in the Hiiraanland capital (Baledweyn) as a reward for hosting Abdullahi Yusuf and his followers into Baledweyn in February.
There are also reports that his militiamen have kidnapped and mistreated some of the respected elders in Hiiraan region of Somalia in order to show that his new Administration system is working and capable to hunt down anyone who is undermining his policy. Mr Laqanyo does not appear to understand the reason behind the supply of weapons from Addis into the Hiiraan region. The regime in Addis Abba knows that, the intergalactic war manger warlords in Somalia such as Abdullahi Yusuf imbue all their members with gun to terrorize their people. They use weapons given to them by Somali enemies such as Ethiopia. The trouble is that, Mr Lanqanyo has to go to Addis Abba to be selected rather than joining up. The regime in Addis does not take just anyone! However, you can be sure that, like (Abdullahi Yusuf and Mahamed Dhere), They are looking for certain character traits in their recruits, namely:

a) Below average intelligence
b)Hatred for anyone different to themselves
c)Selfishness and against Islamic practices
d)Membership of a minority group wanting to dominate a majority in a particular region within Somalia.

I have known Mr Laqanyo for many years and he does not fit in any of those descriptions above. I am therefore, shocked for his activities within the Hiiraanland. Why is he lowering his pants and friskly wiggling his buttocks at the most hated enemy of our nation?And, why is he trying to become friends with men like Abdullahi Yusuf and Mohamed Dhere?. May be he is trying to become a new super hero for Hiiraanland by changing his appears to look like the picture opposite. To be super hero Mr Laqanyo must gain the trust of Hiiraanland people including myself. The potential of having an army of people who trust you at your disposal can not be underestimated. People of Hiiraanland (inside or outside the region) have more of a role to play in the fight against evils (warlords, gangs) than he might credit them for, and if he leads them in the right direction; there is virtually no limit to what they can achieve! They can act like ants.

A) They can hide supervillains (warlords or gangs or criminals) contact lenses.
B) They can be instructed to climb inside a supervillains socks and tickle his feet, there by distracting him enough for Mr Lanqanyo to deliver the knock-out punch. Hiiraanland people will kick their ass if Abdullahi Yusuf or Melis Senawi try to enter Hiiraan region without their permission.
C) Mr Laqanyo can use his people to move supervillains gateway army vehicles while they are begging aid from abroad just like Abdullahi Yusuf and Geedi do all the time.
D) They (the Hiiraanland people) can absolutely devastate a supervillains gravel path by removing the bits of gravel from it.
E) They can surreptitiously pack earwax into supervillains ears, so they can not hear when Mr lanqanyo and his team sneak up behind them.
F) They (the hiiranland people) can help Mr Laqanyo to disguise himself on undercover missions by forming themselves all around him. Therefore, My old friend (Mr Laqanyo), there was no need for you to beg weapons from Ethiopia (the enemy of Somalia).

I advise you to return those weapons as soon as possible. The people of Hiiraanland do not need more weapons. They are strong, untouchable and united. Their aim is to keep Hiiraanland independent and peaceful part of federal Somalia. Hiiraanland people feel strong enough to protect themselves and want their region to be an area where equality, freedom and development co-exist. Finally, I would like to remind you that, whoever can be trusted with a little, can be trusted with a lot. Therefore, before the people of Hiiraanland will trust you (Mr Laqanyo) with greater assignments, they will test you with lesser ones. So far Mr Laqanyo is failing those tests. Talking to and receiving weapons from Mr Melis is seen as failure number 1! People of Hiiraanland will not promote you beyond your current level of competence. Unhonoured and unsung heroes of Hiiraanland such as Madexeey(HFT member), Bashir Dahir(Former Hiiranland Football Team Captain), Asad Aymooy(Engineer), Shire Hashi Ali (Businessman), Ahmed Dahir abdi Kulmiye(Economist), Islaaw Hassan Farah Aliyow(Businessman), Tahlil Farah Aliyow(High Ranking Army Officer), Gaabkey( Public Health Specialist), Hussein Haji Ilmi(Former HFT member) and many more like them are watching/following your activities. They demonstrated loyalty, creativity and commitment in the name of Hiiraanland. They are still working behind the scenes caring for the sick and aged, helping orphans, encouraging others in the region to live in peace and contributing wherever/whenever they can. I urge you to act like them and do not mess up the peace in my homeland.

Abdulkadir Dahir Farah Aliyow
RN,RMN.Committee member.
Hiiraanland Development Project.
London. UK .