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Mogadishu,28th July 2004

Trends of kidnapping which somewhat subsided at the begining of this year (2004) in the Capital Mogadishu seem to be emerging again in the city,witnesses reported. The most affected areas are Bondhere,Shibis,Shingani and Yaqshid, areas which the less protected Reer Hamar and Benadiri people usually reside.

According to the reports, the armed gangs are even threatening those who provide shelter to the less fortunate Reer Hamar people.The situation is becoming unbearable and people are disappearing on a nightly basis.

Accounts of two kidnapped teenage Reer Hamar boys, by the names of Saeed Mohamed Bakarow & Hussein Mohamed Olow, who used to live under the protection of well to do Hawiyas in the Yaqshid area is widely reported.Their whereabouts are not known and the neigborhoods have not seen them since the 22nd of this month.Ransom is usually paid on such kidnappings.

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