The overall goal of the programme is to enhance production of livestock as well as trade in livestock and associated products. The major activities include epidemiological surveillance of major livestock diseases with those likely to affect trade, enhancing the capacity of both public and private sector in disease surveillance and monitoring and establishing a network of livestock information gathering and exchange, The project will facilitate the cooperation between different stakeholders, namely livestock producers, traders, public and private animal health workers and regional and local authorities to combat livestock diseases.

A consortium of three NGO, namely Terra Nuova, UNA, VSF-Suisse and the CAPE unit of PACE will implement the Somali PACE Project (SPP).


Somali PACE Project operating under the NGO Consortium is looking for Somali nationals for the following position


1. National Programme Coordinator

Responsibilities include initiation, implementation and coordination of all activities related to Somali PACE programme under the close supervision of the Programme Advisor. This includes liaison with regional and local authorities on all matters pertaining to PACE and to establish an environment for implementation of SPP. The national coordinator shall work under the supervision of the Project Coordination Advisor.

The above person should posses a degree in Veterinary Medicine from a recognised university, with skills in the field of coordination of veterinary activities. (post graduate training in Veterinary Epidemiology may prove useful)


2. National Veterinary Epidemiologists

 Responsibilities include establishment of the disease surveillance and information gathering and dissemination system under the close supervision of the Programme Epidemiologist. This includes all aspects related to epidemiological surveillance activities and handling, storing, processing and interpretation of data. The national epidemiologist shall work under the supervision of the Project Epidemiologist Adviser.

The above person should possess a degree in Veterinary Medicine, preferably with the post-graduate in Veterinary Epidemiology.        


3. National Programme Administrator

Responsibilities include establishing an administrative management and financial procedure for SPP for use at all zonal levels in Somalia under the close supervision of the Programme Administrator. This includes all matters related to administration, finance, human resource management. The administrator shall work under the supervision of the Project Administrator Adviser.

The above person should have a degree in Administration with strength in financial management.


4. National Project Adviser for Community-based Animal Health Delivery
Responsibilities include all aspects of the development of veterinary supervised community-based animal health delivery systems with SPP. This will include close liaison between livestock owning communities, veterinary associations, private vets and traders. Development of appropriate training and extension materials, impact assessment and monitoring systems will be required. The adviser shall work under the supervision of the Project Community Animal Health (CAH) adviser. The above person should possess a degree in Veterinary Medicine, have experience of CAH delivery systems, community development and recent field work in Somalia.


The above positions are open for Somali nationals only who are in a position to reside in Nairobi with frequent travel into all zones of Somalia, namely Somaliland, Puntland, Central and Southern Somalia. Priority will be given to candidates who have worked with international organisation and have recently worked in post-war Somalia.


Duration:            One year with possible extension of an additional year.


Application:            Send CV with copy of Degree certificate and letter of interest to before 28th November 2001:

                        The Project Advisor

                        Somali PACE Project

                        P.O. Box 74916



Fax                  254- 2- 443748  Nairobi



Only candidates that qualify for the short- list will receive official communication on their application.


Please note email communication need to be followed up with official documents