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interWAVE Continues Relationship With Nationlink To Provide Additional Capacity To Existing Networks And Never-Before Coverage To A New Network

MENLO PARK, Calif., United States - March XX, 2002 - interWAVE® Communications (NASDAQ: IWAV), a pioneer in compact cellular communications systems and broadband wireless data networks, today announced that Nationlink, a Pan African GSM operator and integrator of interWAVE solutions, has purchased an additional $2.5 million dollars of network infrastructure equipment.

The equipment will be used for the expansion of two existing networks as well as the first phase of a new, third network. "We are very pleased with the success of Nationlink's existing African networks, and we look forward to continued growth as they enter new markets with our GSM technology," said Martin de la Serna, regional director for interWAVE.

"Nationlink was one of interWAVE's first customers to deploy GSM technology featuring compressed satellite backhaul and localized switching in order to offer full telephony services in traditionally inaccessible areas." interWAVE's proven scaleable GSM network solution is deployed in a number of African networks, and will allow Nationlink to provide voice telephony services for up to 50,000 subscribers. Unique to the industry, interWAVE's GSM network architecture is a fully-integrated solution that combines both radio and switching capabilities in a cabinet approximately the size of a tower PC.

Based on an expandable architecture, this hardware platform can scale from a single cabinet, to a network including multiple Mobile Switching Centers (MSC), Base Station Controllers (BSC), and Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). Nationlink will also provide international services through its satellite gateway.

"We are pleased to see the progress interWAVE has made in developing a solution well suited to the African markets we serve," said the President of NationLink, Abdi Ido. "We look forward to the next generation of interWAVE products as our networks grow in capacity." interWAVE's Community Network Solution allows Nationlink to quickly and cost effectively expand coverage or offer new coverage to areas traditionally considered too small or too remote for wireless cellular service.

With its satellite backhaul capabilities, interWAVE's solution can be deployed in a number of applications including low density communities, villages, remote islands, national parks, oil rigs, theme parks, forestry areas and for military applications.

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