Dec. 30, 2005

To : Residents of Banadir
Governor of Banadir: Mohamud Hassan Ali Gabow ‘Adde’
Prime Minister : Ali Mohamed Geedi
President : Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
Press Corps


We are yet dismayed by the announcement of an illegimate administration in Banadir region by the Mogadishu warlords. We would like to condemn this action in the strongest terms possible and urge all sensible and peace loving people of Banadir region to stand up against this ill-fated mis-adventure by the Mogadishu warlords.

Earlier this year the PM of Somalia has appointed by decree Hon 'Adde Hassan Ali Gabow as the the Governor of Banadir and Mayor of Mogadishu and given the difficult task of bringing to order the poisoned chalice of the Somali quagmire ie Banadir. To this Hon ‘Adde has undertaken to fulfil this task and brought together the civil society of the people of Banadir and given them hope that once again they can regain their peace and order in their region. Meanwhile those that have brought misery to the people of Banadir for the last 15 years in the form of anarchy and daily killings of the young, women, elderly and not to mention the intellectuals of the Banadir region have been active in what they do best …to bring misery. They have continuously engaged in acts of terror and misdemenour in the administration of 'Adde.

The people of Banadir have spoken before and will do now…we condemn in the strongest terms possible any attempt to bring back chaos and misery to the people of Banadir and the so-called Banadir administration put together by the Mogadishu warlords.

May peace and prosperity reign in the Banadir region and its people.


Friends of Banadir