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Drumbeats of War: Warlords Vs Wadaado!

Somalia dhankeedii dhawaaq farax leh mooyeey dhiilo kama sugaayo should be rearranged to Somalia dhankeedii dhiilo mooyee dhawaaq farax leh kama sugaayo: Total collapse was the verdict of the much hyped Khartoum peace talks between the TFG warlords and the ICU wadaado. And now it seems the clash of the Maryooleey, Macaawisleey, Moooryaan , Macangag, Mahbar, and Meles's Maxeeysato is unavoidable.

I won?t be betting good news to come out of this at all. For now I know that Somalia is a land blessed, or should I befittingly say, cursed with mediocre and backward politics lead by wrangling nomadic chieftains who cloak themselves with sacrosanct and sinful garments stained with the blood of its innocent and poor people.

Laba gardaro ku hishiisay, xaq kuma hishiiyaan: two that have agreed on what is wrong can never agree on what is right. That is precisely the adage my petrified frozen brain cells can summon up at this moment of daze and desolation. Longtime ago, I gave up on Somalia?s many predisposed spoilers of peace: The warlords. Now, I may as well give up on the many overrated swingers of belief: The Wadaado.

Don?t get wrong, I prefer the Wadaado over the ruthless warlords of the TFG. At least the Wadaado mean business and are true to their Somali patriotism and pride. The heroic leaders of the Islamic courts can?t be bought with few pennies by our neighboring detractors. The courts had already won our hearts and mind because of their determination of pacifying the areas under their control. Their success of ousting the cruel warlords and, above all, the impetus they had to restore the peace in Mogadishu defined them as the real deal. The achievement they have brought into much of southern Somalis could be summed up as spellbound miracle. For that, I still have a higher regard for our Wadaado for that impressive accomplishment and I think the Wadaado are so far our best hope to recover from the self-inflicted wounds of failure and statelessness. Maybe, they are the real transition to democracy, peace and stability in Somalia.

Nonetheless, I am little bit apprehensive with our Wadaado warrior mentality to dialogue. The quick call to wage Jihad on the warlords in Baidao and the invading Tigre hordes, as the TFG protectors, is very tempestuous to say the least. Instead of bolstering the sudden peace on their expanse home turf, Mogdishu and much of the south, our spirited Wadaado, blinded by their sudden sway on Somali politics, are bound and determined to wrestle with the TFG devils in Baidoa.

Because of gullibility and outright futility, I hope against hope that things could change a little bit. I hope our gallant Wadaado will think over this risky approach of attacking Baidoa and thus not fall to the Ethiopian Dictator?s trap. So far, Meles has outwitted Somalis of all political persuasions. He ingeniously managed to provoke the Islamic Courts to declare Jihad against Ethiopia with the hope of warding off and externalizing his internal woes and homegrown opposition. By this threat from the ?Islamists?, the Ethiopian dictator, by design, gains a domestic and nationalistic sympathy from his subjects. True that Meles Zenawi gave the courts the perfect pretext to fight to the end to liberate their land from an Ethiopian hegemony. Meles have studied the fierce pride of the Somalis while he was a rebel guest of Siad Barre?s regime and thus exactly mastered how to pull the right strings to invoke the Somali ire. And that is why he forced our sanctified Wadaado to so
amiably extend him the provocation of war in the name of Jihad. Thus, now we are technically at war with ourselves and with our intrusive neighbors.

Meles, the Ethiopian dictator?s thousands of militarized peasants are already in our soil to back an already weakened and ostracized warlord regime.

But the paradoxical farce is even if the Wadaado attack Baidoa, the TFG warlords are no where to be found. They have already departed the city, trekking around the world. The TFG president is taking a break from his Baidoa prison and is in China to take part the China-Africa trade summit. I wonder what a military man will sell to lure the emerging giants of the east to invest in a chaotic and unstable Somalia. Talk about mistaken priorities! Maybe, it would have a good gesture if he had included few business-minded and entrepreneurial Wadaado in his delegation to China. The TFG's foreign Minister is in London to unthinkably plea with the British to recognize the secession of its Ex-Colony from the rest of Somalia. Talk about a subversive duplicity! And I bet the accidental novice prime minister is either in Nairobi or Addis Ababa to shine his IGAD master?s boots. Talk about a loyal conformity!

Sidee xeero lagu xagtaa ilkana ku nabad galaan: Instead of offence, an alternative approach the Islamic courts could employ to further weaken the already weak TFG is possibly to enforce the economic sanctions they have previously declared against Baidoa. Or perchance they could bring the many good and sympathetic parliamentarians in Baidoa to their fold and gradually convert them to their celebrated cause. But if the Islamic Court?s logic is the warlords in Baidoa are not smarter than the ousted Mogadishu buffoons, it is emphatically prudent to engage the Ethiopian invaders in a very desolate territory far from Mogadishu. Still it is going to be a disastrous gamble. The grave consequences of such war are definitely not that encouraging. I hope the courts are not accepting the resigned and fatalistic wisdom of waxba dhowran meynee alloow dhagaxyo soo daadi or Kala bax kitaabadaa qaba!

In conclusion, Somalia is the land that proves that it is possible to be both a warmonger and a leader at the same time. Not one practical blueprint for peace comes out of the muddled minds of the primitive tribal chiefs of Somalia. In reality, that is what our self-styled leaders are, tribal chiefs who still live in the stone ages of darkness and debauchery. No matter what they call themselves, wadaado, waxgarad, warato, waranlayaal, wariyayaal, or warlords, they are still Geeljirayaal and Burcad: warring camel-herders and marauders who know only how to pillage and plunder. Sadly the loot is and has always been Maandeeq: Somalia.

In order to have the supreme power in the land of the living dead, a land already dubbed hell on earth; blood must be always shed to justify these labels.The lack of finding the middle ground and the lack of wisdom to avoid face-to-face catastrophic war is why after many years of failure and collapse, our people are cursed with unremitting clannish conflicts and wars. All the repetitive political deadlocks and many ensuing peace conferences in distand lands point toward the inescapable fact that peace and unity are already placed in a Somali deeply digged grave.

If this predictable carnage is not averted, we will be dealing a very frightening calamity. So it is opportune of Somalis of goodwill to intervene before it?s too late. It is clear our neighboring enemies and other meddling actors set us on a collision course of bloodletting and chaos. The litany of all this despair is that the blood thirsty Somali leaders learn how to avoid another senseless bloodshed. I hope we are not geared for a more violent and bloody regional rumble.

Shaacir Mataan


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