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Did US acted on "credible intelligence" or "SOS call"

By Ahmed Ibrahim

American's pre-emptive air strike on Southern Somalia was based "Credible Intelligence" obtained from Kenya and Ethiopia as US military hawks put on, Ethiopian PM said they did not provide any intelligence to US. So who is right?

It's become bizarre how the US officials misled their people and the worldwide in their recent pre-emptive air strike on southern Somalia, in which they claim as the hot-bed of Al-Qaeda and their sympathizers.

The air attack attracted worldwide condemnation even those who allied with the US beleaguered "war on terror", but Somali civilians bared most of the casualty. Oxfam put the number of death as 70, however sources in the area said more than 150 people, including four entire family and two couple who were on their honeymoon.

None of the media investigated the US claim that they have received "a credible intelligence" from Ethiopia and Kenya prior the swift air attack. However, sources close to Somali government told the media that they were not notified in advance the US air assault but they were aware the aerial surveillance which monitoring the movement of Islamic courts in the last two months.

Another senior Somali army told the media in condition of anonymity that US air strike was to help Ethiopian forces who have suffered massive casualty in Afmadow and Ras-Kambooni area after they met high resistance from ICU forces.

Ethiopian troops called to Addis Ababa for quick help through the US air forces based in Djibouti, as the Ethiopian MiG's and helicopters were proved useless in the war around Ras-Kambooni.

The Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi told the media last week that Ethiopia did not provide any intelligence to the US.

However, Kenyan government did comment on US claim. Since Kenyan army is not involved in the current Somali crisis, any intelligence to the US would have been worthless.

So, Ethiopia is right that they did not provide any intelligence to the US that led its air attack, but as Somali army officer put the Ethiopian side was on "SOS".

What led the US to bombard nomadic civilians who were having their evening meal and doing their daily duties? Is it merely revenging on 1993 "Black Hawk Down"? or trying to widen its so called war on terror?.
In the view current US administration its all the above, since their war on terror simply based on flawed intelligence, Islamphobia and imperialistic view.

The Somalia, simply do not want this warlord made government supported by Ethiopian forces as it has no public support, so regardless whether the whole world recognises it or not it will not work.

If the US answered the SOS call from Ethiopians poor soldiers trapped in Ras-kamboni, how would it answer the SOS calls coming from Somali TFG? since the TFG desperately need a public support within Somalia, which the US and Ethiopians cannot offer her.

Somali people had long-time ago forgot any foreign help and relied upon each other for survival, they support the group or an administration that guarantees them their freedom, liberty and stability something the current TFG unable to offer.

As I mentioned in my previous article "Bolton's Rush Hour Policy", the UN is helpless on Somali situations and Somalis are not expecting to see any dramatic changes from US policy or any UN action on US-Ethiopia (Christina Crusaders in Horn Africa) other than mimicking on deployment of poor African peacekeepers.

The pre-emptive strike carried by George Bush against Somalia created more deep wounds in Somalia hearts and Somalis started treating its unreliable neighbors Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti as US cohorts united to destabilize and slaughter the Somali civilians who have nothing to do with terrorism. Furthermore, their unforgettable memories against Ethiopians have refreshed.

Jendayi Frazer, US undersecretary state department for Africa was wasting four days rallying on creating a workable framework for Somali groups, including the Ethiopian agent TFG. Her presence in Horn Africa was clear that US has no policy for Islamic countries, but bullets.

So US bullets comes first before policy as it did in Iraq and Afghanistan, Somali already tested that in 1993 and now in 2007. So the whole so-called US "war on terror" should be consulted with bullets even if you are calling the 911 and the caller mentions names like Mohamed, Abdul or Raheem etc.

Ahmed Ibrahim

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