Bye Bye Jowhar,Hello Kismaayo!!

"Nin qab weyniyo nimaan uba qabin, is qaniinee, ha is qadariyeen"

Mohammed Dhere has lately embarked on a political mission to patch up things with his rivals in Mogadishu and beyond. In the past few days, we all heard about the new peace treaty between the governors of the two fertile Shabelle regions. As the sources from the Jowhar grapevines want us to believe, the pact was initiated by none other than the madcap himself, the indisputable landlord of Yusuf and Ghedi, His Excellency Mohammed Dhere.

There are also accounts from reliable sources that he had been making calls to Mogadishu powerbrokers and had some constructive consultations with Muse Sudi. Is this late maneuvering of Mr. Dhere, a political maturity? Or could it all be construed as the customary shifting alliances of the chameleon warlords of Somalia? It seems that the governor has reservations about Yusuf's courting of Hiiraale. There is something anomalous about this much-hyped Kismayo talks between the warlords? The usual spin-doctors of Fadhi-ku-dirir venues are putting together new-fangled hypothesis about Yusuf's longing to base his seat in Kismayo. It is rumored that Yusuf's close interlocutors had in the past campaigned for the patronage of Hiiraale. So it goes that if Yusuf wants to make up with his ilk why should Mohammed Dhere alienate his kinfolk? What kind of covert ruse has come to the fore that forced Mohamed Dhere to look for alliance elsewhere? What compelled him to craft this political realignment and tactical repositioning?

As soon as we heard about this new truce between the Shabelle governors, both the president his protégé premier and large numbers of his cohorts were off to Yusuf's homelands of Boosaaso and Garoowe. And lo and behold, Mohammed Dhere didn't rest and let them off the hook. He come up with the litmus test, fired the one million dollar question after them. He challenged both Yusuf and Ghedi to define the difference between Indhocade, the lower Shabelle boss and Hiiraale, the Juba Valley ruler since in Mr.Dhere's logic; both men are from the same central region of Galgaduud. He wondered why one is considered as a man of peace and the other is seen as a defiant pariah?

Mohammed Dhere made these exigent remarks in retaliation of the recent comments of Abdalle Deeroow, the constitution minister -- another one of those lame portfolios of Ghedi's inflated cabinet -- who ironically doesn't hail the regions in the covenant. But thanks to Somalia's clannish raison d'être; the conventional wisdom dictates Deeroow to question and protest of this peace accord.
So it is said and written somewhere in the Somalia's half-baked constitution that Mr. Deeroow is at liberty to represent the "natives" of Lower Shabelle. Here the inhabitants of Shabelle are hypothetically from the minister's clan grouping. Forget the fact that Deeroow is from Bay and is a persona-non-grata in his own constituency. See the irony of Somalia's nonsensical clan adherence!

But that was not the only reason the chief of Jowhar made his provocative discourse. The cynics are wondering was this ultimatum of Mohamed Dhere a masked eviction of the TFG or one of his spur-of-the moment invectives. Some people have been arguing for quite sometime that because of their stubborn nature and strong personality, both the Jowhar governor and the warlord-turned president would sooner or later be at odds. Now that the writings are on the wall, their falling out of each other is about to happen. The short honeymoon between Yusuf and Dhere is about to come to an end. As they say "marry in haste, repent at leisure" Yusuf is now in search of a new temporary capita. What a better place to set sights other than the port city of Kismayo. Bye Bye Dheere ... Hello Hiiraale!

The stubbornness of the Somali warlords, their shifting alliances and their political opportunism may seem so inexplicable to most outsiders but not to the suffering populace of Somalia.

By Shaacir Mataan
Minneapolis, MN