Annual Alumni Conference and Roundtable Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to join us in the Annual Alumni Conference and Roundtable Workshop sponsor by York University Department of African studies, in Toronto Ontario, Canada. The Workshop has been specifically developed for graduates from the Somali National University, Faculty of Agriculture [AGRARIA] and other Somali professionals and organizations serving the Somali community inside and outside Somalia. This event coincides with the twenty-eighth anniversary of the graduation of the first graduates from the Faculty of Agriculture.

If thoughts of your years at AGRARIA fill you with fond memories, please mark your calendar to come and find long lost friends, reconnect with fellow college mates and get the latest news and developments of the Somali Agricultural sector.

The Annual Alumni Conference and Roundtable Workshop is scheduled for Sunday July 31, 2005 to Monday August 1, 2005 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. at Room # 305 Founders; at York University.

Toronto is easily accessible via The Metro Toronto Transit System.

To attend this Annual Alumni Conference and Roundtable Workshop, please RSVP NLT COB by Friday, July 15, 2005. You may respond via E-mail to: Mr. Ali Nur or call:1- 905- 560-2138. Please make sure your e-mail or voicemail includes:

1) Your full name

2) Organization name

3) Organization's mailing address

4) Phone number

5) Number of attendees

6) Please provide an e-mail address for each person attending from your organization. If you should have additional questions, please contact me at 1-905- 560-2138. Please feel free to forward this invitation to any professional you may know who may have a direct impact on Somali development. We look forward to hearing from you very soon and seeing you at this important gathering. Space is limited so contact us soon.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Ali Nur (