An appeal to President Yusuf, PM Gedi, P.Speaker Sh. Hassan,
Members of TGF Parliment and Cabinet

Dear Honroable President, Prime Minister, Speaker and Members of TFG
Parliment and Cabinet

As a Somali intelectual who have been made a de facto refugee in strange
foreign land, as a concerned Somali Citizen, Professional, scholar and
peace loving Somali who is very proud be Somali although somehow put on
shame by the senseless 14 year long civil war that had have taken away all
human dignity from our Somali people mainly children, women and elders and
totally destroyed the social fabric and nationhood of our country as well
as damaged its pretigous as state and member of International Community; I
would like to appeal to all of you to come together and act as responsible
Somali elders, political leaders and Stateswo/men by not wasting this great
and final opportunity to bring peace and political stability into our
country and capaitalize the resources that have been invested into you
including non-renewable resource of times by the International Community
and implement the mandate that was entrusted to you by the Somali people
people who are waiting you to go home and begin rebuilding our nation.
I would like to specifically appeal to his excellence President Yusuf to
act as not as a warlord but as statesman and a concensus builder among his
TFG and a peace-maker as he stated in his first speech when he was chosen
and elected by TFG Parliment.

He should not act as a military general and give orders to his co-equal
branches of his governemtn but carry this huge tasks and difficult
responsibility with great sensitivity and try to heel wounds of mistrust
and division among members of his government
through accommodation and compromises.

I also appeal Prime Minister Gedi to
relaize that its his duty and responsibility to see this government is for
the people of Somalia and not be swayed by any group by facts and what is
good for Somalia and Somali people. He should tape the enormous pool of
Somali intelectuals, professionals and scholars with integrity and who are
willing to help him run this juvenile TFG to take the right steps and he
should realize that its the prime minister's sworn
duties and responsibility to see this government starts its operation at
the ground (within Somalia and its capital)as soon as possible. He should
build good working relationship with his president as well as parliment and
cabinet. He should build a harmonious relationship through participatory
and adopt an open-door policy, accommodate of differing opinions and accept
diversity where consensus and ompromises are essential elements of running
this democratic institutions of TF government.
A good relationship between
executive, legislative and Judiciary are essential for the formulation of
appropriate development policies and programs with great vision and mission
that are directed towards the realizations of hopes, aspirations or dreams
of Somali people who had suffered enough in to long.

Oncemore, I would like to appeal President Yusuf, PM Gedi and MPs to adhere
the charter that they have signed. Critical decisions should not be made
unilaaterally by one side. At all cost, you should avoid anything that
betrays the Somali people's expectations and perception of your
Transitional Federal Government that its a government established in
outside Somalia with pressures from IGAD and donars.

With regards to Foreign Peace keepers, I appeal to his Excellence President
yusuf, PM Gedi, His Speaker, MPs and Cabinet, to realize that the true and
real peace can only come to Somalia with the will and participation of
Somali people at large and it should be made by Somalis within Somalia if
be to be sustainable Peace in the long term. They should realize that peace
cant be imposed by force and history shows that even the most powerful
nation in the world (USA) could not impose peace in Somalia with the
disposal of 28, 000 peacekeeping troops. It is upto the people of Somalia
who are now yawning peace and politically stable government to make peace.
Your responsibility is not ask foreign troops but to build peace among you
leaders and then it will be easy for you and for all Somali people to make
peace among each other and build our fragmented and ruined nation.
>From other perspective, you should come to terms to the fact that the
Somali civi, in my opinon and I am sure many will agree with me, that it
didn't really begin in 1991 after the ouster of the military region of Late
Barre but it had has been going on for generations among Somali clans and
subclans although both its magnititude and weapons used could not be
compared with the present one.

Therefore, there is a need to embark a Integrated Community_based Peace and
Development Program that can be funded with the help of the International
development instituons and donor countries. But prior doing of this, the
security situation in Mogadishu, can be addressed simple by not bringing
foreign troops but with the following suggestions:
1. Mogadishu should be declared and other towns considered as flashpoints
as "Special Zone of Peace and Development, free from guns and this should
be agreed and honored by all factional leaders (who suprisingly top
officials of TFG);
2. Remove all Militiamen and armed groups from Mogadishu and gather them
specified locations that are at least far from the capital 90 to
3. Recall former member of Somali National Army to provide security to the
4. Simultanously start demobilization, rehabiliation and reintegrations of
armed militiamen (qualified ones) into the New Federal Army and Police;
5. Undertake other development interventions such as relief and emergencies
to the most severely affected groups, institutional and capacity building
and other nation building and reconstruction programs.
Please and please Hon. President, PM, MP and Cabinet, go back to Mogadishu,
Somalia no more staying in Nairobi, Kenya, or Baidao/anywherelse but our

I am very much sure and convinced that every Somali professionals,
scholars, politicians and academe are ready to help you wherever they are.
As a concerned Somali citizen who loves his people and country so much, I
wish to do my part and contribute in your efforts in bringing back the
peace and security we enjoyed before.

I specialize on Agricultural and Rural Development with great long and rich
professional experiences in development programs, specifically on
Agricultural and rural development with some exposure or experiences in
peace building and Conflict management and I am ready to come into
Mogadishu, Somalia with my family to help you in my little ways to see this
time the TFG will start its mandate, brings peace and political stability
to our failed state.

In conclusion, I believe as the rest of Somali people that we dont need
foreign peace keepers, we dont need to bring spread uncurable diseases and
foreign influences into our country, we need not Ethopian, Kenyain or
jabuti peace keepers. But we need for you to listen and respect the voices
of our people, members of your government and your willingness to
compromise for the Good of our nation. I personally believe that you can
simply restore peace and security in Mogadishu by easily commanding your
own armed factions and militiamen by folllowing the above stated strategies
and carried out them mmediately.

I hope and pray that my objective and humble suggestions/ideas will be
given a due consideraton and should be taken as a constructive and useful
ones from a concerned Somali national.

May Allah enlighten all of you the right bath, the bath of peace,
brother/sisterhood as Somali and Muslim leaders. May the TFG be able to
start its mandate in Mogadishu without foreign peacekeepers as soon as

Thank you.
Very truly yours,