Hawiye Action Group (HAG)
Press Release
For Immediate Release May 3, 2005


In a welcome move, the Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Ali Ghedi and the International donor community, including representatives from the European Union, the Arab League and the head of the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS), Mr. Babafemi Badajo are visiting Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia to assess the pacification initiative of Mogadishu undertaken by the Hawiye and non-Hawiye members of the Transitional Somali Parliament. The result of this disarmament plan is remarkable and deserves an explicit acknowledgement and endorsement by the International Community.

This visit conveys an important public message about the International Community's commitment to the war plagued people of Somalia. It says that the International Community will give greater, not less, priority to these issues in the future. It also says that Somalis should be given an opportunity to resolve their political differences through dialogue and peaceful means. We, the Hawiye Action Group (HAG) applaud such an approach and believe that it is consistent with the wishes of the people of Somalia.

We thank the donor community for their efforts to support the Mogadishu disarmament initiative and their visit to the city. It is important to remember, however, that the people of Mogadishu are suspicious of the intentions of the Government. They believe the real reason the Government is not relocating to Mogadishu is because of hidden political agenda and not security concerns.

Following are measures the Government of Somalia should undertake to address these concerns:

· The Government should take advantage of the prevailing goodwill of the people of Mogadishu and recognize and support the Banadir Region pacification plan.
· The Government should appeal for funds and expertise to the International donor community to support the demobilization and disarmament Mogadishu plan.
· The Government should relocate to Mogadishu immediately without any preconditions.
· The Government should put forward a comprehensive and serious disarmament and demobilization program for the entire country.
· The Government should address the outstanding power-sharing issues and financial mismanagement charges.
We will continue to look for opportunities to support efforts of the Somali people who are working towards a peaceful resolution of the Somalia conflict. We encourage all Somalis who want to contribute to peace in Somalia to do the same.

Mr. Liban Gabeyre
Executive Director