The Government ( Febraury 1967)


President: Aden Abdullah Osman

Prime Minister: Abdirazak Haji Hussien

              Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ahmed Yusuf Dualeh 

              Minister of Internal Affairs: Abdulqadir Mohamed Aden 

              Minister of Defence: Abdulrahman Haji Mumin 

              Minister of Education: Kenedid Ahmed Yusuf 

              Minister of Finance: Ali Omar Sheygo 

              Minister of Works: Sheikh Abdullahi Mohamud 

              Minister of Transport and Communications: Aden Isak Ahmed 

              Minister of Industry and Commerce: Abdullahi Issa Mohamed 

              Minister of Health and Labour: Haji Bashir Ismail 

              Minister of Agriculture: Mohamed Abdi Nur 

              Minister for Somali Affairs: Sheikh Mohamud Mohamed Farah 

              Minister of National Planning: Sheikh Hassan Abdullahi 

              Minister of State: Osman Ahmed Roble 

              Minister of Information: Aden Boukah 

               Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs: Sheikh Hassan 
              Abdullahi Farah 

              President of National Assembly:  Sheikh Mukhtar Mohamed Hussein 

Source: The Somali News (The Government Weekly News Paper)

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