The Government (May 1961)

President: Aden Abdullah Osman

            Prime Minister: Abdirashid Ali Shermarke 

            Deputy Prime Minister: Abdi Hassan Boni 

            Minister of Foreign Affairs: Abdullahi Issa Mohamud 

            Minister of Internal Affairs: Abdirazak Haji Hussein 

            Minister of Defence: Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal 

            Minister of Justice: Mohamud Ahmed Mohamed Aden 

            Minister of Information: Ali Mohamed Hirave 

            Minister of Education: Ali Garid Giama 

            Minister of Health and Labour: Sheikh Ali Jimaale  

            Minister of Finance: Abdulqadir Mohamed Aden 

             Minister of Public Works and Communications: Abdi Nur Mohamed 

            Minister of Industry and Trade: Sheikh Abdullahi Mohamud 

            Minister of Agriculture: Ahmed Haji Duale 

            Minister of General Affairs: Osman Mohamud Ibrahim 


President of National Assembly: Giama Abdullahi Galib


Source: The Somali News (The Government Weekly News Paper)

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